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How to clean live portable speaker?

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In daily life, dust is inevitable. However, dust will have a great negative impact on the function of the audio equipment. So, how should the portable speakers be cleaned?

The following is the outline:

  • Why clean live portable speakers?

  • How to clean live portable speaker?

  • What should I pay attention to when cleaning live portable speakers?

Why clean live portable speakers?

  1. Protect the internal structure of the speaker. Whether it is a current-conducting or solid-conducting speaker, the internal structure of the device is quite precise. Excessive dust will affect the connection and structural stability of the internal structure of the device, resulting in damage to the speaker device.

  2. Reduce the growth of bacteria. The importance of modern consumers to microorganisms has been mentioned to a very high level. Therefore, consumers are also responsible for their own safety in the daily cleaning and maintenance of speakers. In addition, various performance venues are densely populated, and consumers should also pay more attention to cleaning and disinfection.

  3. Maintain speaker performance. The sound effect of speakers has always been the main factor that distinguishes high-quality products from inferior products. Only when consumers do regular inspection and cleaning, can they better maintain the high-quality sound of high-quality products.

How to clean live portable speaker?

  1. Consult customer service for the corresponding cleaning method. Whether using cloth wiping or using high-tech equipment to clean, consumers should know the cleaning precautions in advance before operation. At this time, consumers can choose to consult with customer service experienced in the product.

  2. Set an appropriate cleaning frequency. In order to allow consumers to develop good cleaning habits, consumers can set a regular cleaning time for the speakers. In addition, at the end of the performance, consumers should also clean and inspect the products in time.

  3. Choose the appropriate cleaning method. For waterproof speakers, the easiest way is to wipe it with a cotton cloth moistened with water. In addition, many bloggers will also share their experience on social media, and consumers can also choose to refer to them.

What should I pay attention to when cleaning live portable speakers?

  1. Understand the basic structure of speakers. Some experienced consumers will choose to split the product for internal cleaning, but this approach has certain risks. This can only be done if the consumer has complete knowledge of product construction and assembly.

  2. Placed in a special place. The cleaning and storage of speakers are closely related. Therefore, witty consumers will choose to place the speakers in a dry and ventilated place, which reduces a lot of cleaning difficulties.

  3. Understand certain cleaning knowledge. The seemingly simple cleaning actually has a secret. Consumers can use their media literacy to find the most suitable cleaning time and cleaning methods.

In short, the cleaning of live portable speakers is a matter of product performance and characteristics. FDB Audio Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company specializing in the production of loudspeakers. We have the information to provide quality products and services.



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